WitchyReiki SpellWork – CandleMagik Apointments

WitchyReiki SpellworkSusan Langley is now offering a new kind of WitchyReiki Spellwork appointment, CandleMagik!

WitchyReiki Spellwork using Candles, oils, washes, salts, powders…and Reiki, if needed. Much can be done in an hour. I create Sacred Space, Set intention, Light the candles, do the Work.
One-on-one session.
What do you want to fix?
We decide which products will be best used during intake,included in the hour.
Price does not include products.

A 1 hour appointment is $115.


Susan Langley

Susan LangleySusan Langley, Founder & Owner of LightWeavers & WitchyReiki

A Sensitive from birth, born into a family of Clairvoyants and Witches, I just ‘knew” that I was different from the other kids. I got beat up for it.

Today, I call myself a Healer, Teacher, and Witch.

In 2014, I was one of the first 600 people to be trained by William Rand in the new Reiki energy called HolyFire.

Today, I call myself Usui/ Holy Fire II and Karuna Reiki® Teacher.

My work is with the Ascended Reiki Masters, Spirit Guides, and the Akashic Guardians. They showed me the Truth: Present, Past and Future exists all at the same ‘time.’  Let me introduce you to these Beings, and to the Akashic Landscape; bathe in the Holy Well, walk across the Time Bridge, and learn to use the healing powers of HolyFire, Karuna, and Witchcraft.

Welcome to WitchyReiki @ LightWeavers

CAMTC #33784
Phone # 530 701 5118

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