Empathic Tarot and Oracle Reader

WitchCat (AKA Julia Rain) reads Traditional Tarot, Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Cards. She also enjoys teaching Palmistry, Numerology and Astrology. She also has recently added Inner-Dimensional Dreamwalking.

She has been practicing Tarot and Oracle since she was 12.

Julia has been lucky to learn from local teachers at Lightweavers, such as Hexeba Theaux and Mark Wexler, whose Multi-dimensional Tarot system she uses.

She brings this knowledge and energy to her readings, making you excited about how the Cards help you see life and yourself in a completely new way.

In addition, WitchCat identifies as a Starseed, an interdimensional soul who incarnated on Earth in order to help humanity raise the vibration of the planet. She is able to access this part of herself through dreamwork, connecting with her Other Selves, including Past Lives and Character Lives, those she has been, and those she has made) who in turn serve as guides for her here, in the waking world, bubbling up many moments of recollection and insight.