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Jeff Pylman

Certified Massage Therapist 
from the California Massage Therapy Council
Certificate # 65675

Hi, my name is Jeff Pylman. I am trained in Bowen Therapy which I have performed on friends and family for more than 10 years. I am also trained in Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage.
Formerly, I was Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer of Weights and Measures for Nevada County. When I retired, I decided to make my massage style available for the benefit of others.During a typical massage session, I provide a mix of Bowen therapy , Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage and Trigger Point therapy. I found that I am a natural at massage and have received praise from my clients.It is rewarding for me to see how my therapies help relax people by relieving tension and aches in their muscles . I am available by appointment at Lightweavers Academy. Please call or click for an appointment.I look forward to helping you feel your best.

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Caitlin Soul

Holistic Healer & Massage Therapist
From the California Massage Therapy Council
Owner of The Honest Herbalist

Caitlin is a student and practitioner of the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.

As an Energy Worker, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Health Educator and Herbalist she supports her client’s three aspects of the Self; Mind, Body & Spirit by bringing them into balance. Some of healers operate entirely from the logical mind, others live connected mainly to the spirit and forget their physical presence. And there are others that feel separate from their spiritual nature and are searching for a path that just makes sense.

Caitlin’s take is to support and promote balance in all these parts of the self to bring about wholeness. All of us have strengths and weaknesses in these areas and it isn’t about mastering them all.

She upholds that having a stronger sense of balance allows for a strong foundation to grow in areas that need improvement & rejuvenation.

No one’s path is the same. No one answer fits for everyone. Caitlin brings supportive healing and education to her clients so together they create a plan fitting to every client’s individual needs.

In 2007 Caitlin was fatigued and depressed; she was not healthy. Her religious upbringing had been growing grief, heartache and confusion inside her. Caitlin felt disconnected and isolated; asking “God, Universe, Great Spirit – Whatever – Whoever is there… to teach her how to heal myself.”

That was her call, this was what she had received.

There was no magical fairy dust, no shooting stars, no instantaneous poof and she was better. Caitlin made a lot of mistakes, took detours and is still growing and learning.

She continues to have a great respect and commitment to Universal Wisdom. Caitlin was presented with tools, friends and teachers who were put into her path to facilitate her healing process and was given lessons, some of which she is still learning. It has taken a lot of hard work and soul searching, but Caitlin wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Along her path she has had many teachers, coaches, friends and her loving family to thank for all of the support she has received along an arduous journey and looks forward to joining her clients on their path of spiritual, mental and physical betterment.

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Lacey Chrisman

Certified Massage Therapist
From the California Massage Therapy Council
CAMTC # 31053

Lacey has been providing quality, professional massage therapy & bodywork services in the Sacramento area since 2008. She currently holds an AA degree in Massage & Bodywork with over 1100 hours of training, including her CAMTC as well as her BCTMB National Certificate Lacey firmly believes that she found her passion; to improve people’s lives through the power of massage. Clients get referred to her from all over the Sacramento area by their friends and family because she realized a long time ago that every BODY is different. Utilizing different techniques she has learned, Lacey custom builds each session based on the clients needs. Modalities like Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Sports Therapy & Myofascial Release are commonly used in her everyday practice. Whether you’re making an appointment for migraine relief of stress reduction, Lacey is sure to do her best to ensure your focus on your wellness plan, is her focus.

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Luanne Leineke

Certified Massage Therapist
From the California Massage Therapy Council
Owner of Leineke Style
CAMTC # 4182

Luanne graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in 2005. She continued her studies at several massage schools throughout California. At each session, Luanne discusses with you how movement and experiences affect your body to discover how massage can assist you with your healing goals. Her work combines a nurturing touch with a practiced ability to identify and address specific areas of acute or chronic tension. It is Luanne’s belief that she does not “fix” anyone, but rather she uses her knowledge and skills to allow the healing process to be supported within each client. Her studies focus on the Hawaiian art of Lomi Lomi, an ancient and spiritual massage that clients find not only relaxing but invigorating. It is loving work, given with the pure desire to allow the body to heal. Another focus is Lymphatic Drainage Massage, a specialized gently rhythmic technique that mimics the action of the lymphatic system thus reducing fluid buildup. Her work is an integration of many massage modalities. She endeavors to be present with each client, providing compassionate touch within a safe environment. Luanne is grateful to have received knowledge of the healing arts and in indebted to her clients who honor her by their return visits and to her teachers who gave of their energies.

To book an appointment with Luanne, please email her at luanne_leineke@yahoo.com or you can call her at (916) 204-8485.

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Arthur Trefzger

Certified Massage Practitioner
From the California Massage Therapy Council
CAMTC # 64786

Arthur has worked as a massage therapist since 2015, utilizing integrated massage techniques to best address his clients’ needs. He is certified in Swedish,
Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Reflexology and Traditional Hawaiian (Big Island) Lomi Lomi modalities.

Arthur’s personal mindset is that, “No Pain, No Gain” is not necessarily true!

He works with each individual client’s issues and pain, using the mantra of  ‘the massage doesn’t have to be painful for the problem to get better.’

As such, Arthur uses comfortable, relaxing levels of pressure for a deeply effective and therapeutic massage; clients report feelings of Calm and Healing at the same time.

Arthur has Associates Degrees in Mathematics and in Science, including Anatomy, Physiology, and Chemistry. His knowledge of Anatomy is put to use in every massage: everyone deserves to understand how their body works and how to help it heal!

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