Tasha Dillon Now on Fridays 1pm-5pm

Tasha DillonTasha Dillon comes from a long line of Celtic healers and seers. She has inherited the gifts of clairvoyance and clarisentience and uses these intuitive abilities in conjunction with healing modalities.

Tasha has been in private practice for over a decade and is a marriage and family counselor, in addition to being an intuitive life coach. Her intuition, education and experience set her apart, giving her clients a multi faceted approach to healing and understanding in their individual life paths. A few of her specialty areas include soul healing for traumas, PTSD, couple’s counseling, conflict resolution, forging healthy relationships and techniques in building self esteem. Tasha’s psychic abilities give a unique and highly effective approach to these areas of counseling.

In addition, Tasha is a Reiki master and often offers energy work and chakra balancing with her therapeutic sessions.

She is connected with the Akashic records and offers full past life regressions as a means to understanding present life goals, issues and blocks.

Finally, Tasha is an educator in her field and teaches classses in meditation, mindfulness, effective manifestation, mind/ body mastery, life paths, casting and connecting with one’s innate psychic abilities.

Phone: (916)209-8331

Drop-in is available on Fridays from 1pm-5pm, but appointments are highly encouraged.