March 16 – Weather Witchery

Weather Witchery

March 16 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

What is more powerful and magical than becoming one with the weather around you? Since time began, those who control or can predict the weather are heralded as sacred and valuable. Weather is an intricate part of Nature and Nature is, of course, the Witch’s playground. A practicing Witch of more than thirty-five years, best-selling author, Katrina Rasbold, walks you through all aspects of weather magic, including how to use the energy of different weather events to your greatest advantage and how to work with existing conditions to manifest the weather event you desire. Blasting through the naysayers and fear-mongers who insist that weather witchery is too intense for a common Witch or that “messing” with the weather only brings negative results, Katrina shows how one can easily work with the energies inherent in different weather systems and meld into the magical processes of Nature. This class features information from Katrina’s books “Weather Witchery” and “Weather or Not.”

This class is free, but space is limited, so reserve your spot now!


Katrina Rasbold

Katrina Rasbold, the best-selling author of more than thirty books, holds a Ph.D. in Religion and has presented at California festivals and conventions for more than two decades. She and her husband, Eric Rasbold, founded the CUSP spiritual path, now practiced worldwide. Her first book, “Energy Magic,” enjoyed five weeks in the #1 position in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore in the category of Paganism. Katrina is a working Priestess, Rootworker, Bruja, and owner of Two Sisters Botánica, an online shop, classroom, and consulting service. Katrina handmakes high-quality magical products making Two Sisters Botánica a popular presence at Sacramento, California area festivals. Her products will be featured at Lightweavers starting in mid-March, 2018. She is the author of “Weather or Not,” a book about the magical use and experience of weather. Her video classes, magical services, and Tarot readings are at and her author site is at Go to to preview her products by clicking on CUSP Botánica Shop & Services in the menu.