Mar 24 – Tarot Reading Circle

Tarot Reading CircleMarch 24 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Cost: $20

Inspired by Mary Greer’s Tarot Intel Circle workshop which has been offered at Pantheacon for several years, and brought to you by Damona Kat and Ash Martini

In our Tarot Council Circle you will have opportunities to give and gain wisdom using a few simple tools: your intuition, tarot cards, and a bit of guidance. This workshop is perfect for beginners as well as experienced tarot card readers. Participants will be taking turns asking questions and offering responses to the cards others have pulled. You will find this class is a fantastic opportunity for information gathering as well as strengthening our ability to switch between right & left brain thinking. Join us for an afternoon of getting in touch with your intuition, and the creating and sharing of wisdom! This gathering is always a memorable experience.
Cost: $20

For more information on how a Tarot Council Circle works see Mary Greer’s blog post at:


Damona Kat

Damona Kat -aka Mama Peacock of the Peacock Posse- is a Priestess, Wife, Mother, and Teacher at Heart. She is passionate about learning and teaching symbolic language which includes a focus on Tarot, Numerology, Ceremony and Ritual. Damona has found her kindred spirits within the Sacramento pagan community for the last decade and has created presentations for local pagan festivals. Damona also offers readings and classes with Tarot, Numerology & Symbolic Language in person and online.

Ash Martini

Ash Martini has been a member of the Sacramento pagan community for almost a decade and has taught classes at local events. She has studied Numerology for several years under Damona Kat. As a 22/4 life path, she brings a grounded approach to Numerology that balances well with Damona’s 11/2 spiritual life path. She offers classes in person and online with her partner in crime.