April 14 – Numerology A & B

Numerology A and B

April 14 @ 11:00 am – 3:00 pm
Cost: $25 – $40

Numerology A: An introduction to the Numbers
Numbers are far more than representations of value, dates and times. Numbers are also vibrations, archetypes and wisdom passed down through symbolic language. This workshop offers a guided visualization exercise to help you build an understanding and relationship with each number of the numerology cycle. We will also explore the numbers which have been attached to you since birth (your birthday) and what they can tell you about your personality & life’s pursuits.

Numerology B: Your Personal Numerology Profile
Have you gotten a taste for Numerology? Ready to learn more about what the sums of your birth date and birth name have to reveal and illuminate about yourself? Come learn to calculate your Five Core Numerology Numbers! We will also explore other numerology concepts such as Master And Karmic Debt numbers, Pinnacles & Challenges, as well as discover any karmic lessons you may be working through this lifetime. Numerology A is not required but is recommended for those who wish to have a basic understanding of numerical interpretations, as this class will offer only a brief review.

Numerology A will be from 11-1 pm.
Numerology B will be from 1-3 pm.
There will be a short break between two two classes.
$25 per class, or $40 for both.


Damona Kat

Damona Kat -aka Mama Peacock of the Peacock Posse- is a Priestess, Wife, Mother, and Teacher at Heart. She is passionate about learning and teaching symbolic language which includes a focus on Tarot, Numerology, Ceremony and Ritual. Damona has found her kindred spirits within the Sacramento pagan community for the last decade and has created presentations for local pagan festivals. Damona also offers readings and classes with Tarot, Numerology & Symbolic Language in person and online.

Ash Martini

Ash Martini has been a member of the Sacramento pagan community for almost a decade and has taught classes at local events. She has studied Numerology for several years under Damona Kat. As a 22/4 life path, she brings a grounded approach to Numerology that balances well with Damona’s 11/2 spiritual life path. She offers classes in person and online with her partner in crime.