WitchyReiki SpellWork – CandleMagik Apointments

WitchyReiki Spellwork

WitchyReiki Spellwork using Candles, oils, washes, salts, powders…and Reiki, if needed. Much can be done in an hour. I create Sacred Space, Set intention, Light the candles, do the Work. One-on-one session. Continue reading WitchyReiki SpellWork – CandleMagik Apointments

We Have the Best Readers in Town!

LightWeavers Academy

LightWeavers has the best readers in town.
Tarot, numerology, Palmistry, astrology, playing cards, intuitive, mediumship, and Viking Seidr. Continue reading We Have the Best Readers in Town!

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March 25 – Vitki Magik Bind Rune Series-Class #2

Vitki Magik Bind Rune Series-Class #1

Runes are the Oracle of the gods in Norse traditions.  They are used by the Seidr (spiritual guides and leaders) to communicate with the gods, and the way a tarot card reader uses a tarot deck, are used to receive insight into current, past, or future situations!  Bind runes are a way to combine the meanings of the individual runes with one another to create spells and enchantments to help with things such as wellness, wealth, luck in battle, protection, protection against dark magic, and communicating with the gods.  Completed bind runes are often used for amulets, paintings, and even tattoos. This is the 2nd class in the series.  We will be learning the next 8 runes in the fourth arc and basic herbs to use in spell work. Continue reading March 25 – Vitki Magik Bind Rune Series-Class #2

Susan Langley on KCOR Digital Radio Network

KCOR Digital Radio Network - Susan Langley Interview

Interview of Susan Langley by Bizi Yogi hosted by Valerie Okunami. This week it was a bit witchy….well in a way…as Susan Langley from LightWeavers and Witchy Reiki joined the show to talk about being a witch as well as all the good things her company is doing in the field. Continue reading Susan Langley on KCOR Digital Radio Network

Tasha Dillon Cancelled Friday Mar 9

Tasha Dillon

Tasha Dillon will not be with us this Friday, March 9th due to a family emergency.  All of us at LightWeavers send all the best to her and her family, and we look forward to her starting March 16th instead. Continue reading Tasha Dillon Cancelled Friday Mar 9

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April 14 – Numerology A & B

Numerology A and B

Numerology A: An introduction to the Numbers – Numbers are far more than representations of value, dates and times. Numerology B: Your Personal Numerology Profile – Have you gotten a taste for Numerology? Ready to learn more about what the sums of your birth date and birth name have to reveal and illuminate about yourself? Continue reading April 14 – Numerology A & B

Mar 24 – Tarot Reading Circle

Tarot Reading Circle

In our Tarot Reading Circle you will have opportunities to give and gain wisdom using a few simple tools: your intuition, tarot cards, and a bit of guidance. This workshop is perfect for beginners as well as experienced tarot card readers. Participants will be taking turns asking questions and offering responses to the cards others have pulled. You will find this class is a fantastic opportunity for information gathering as well as strengthening our ability to switch between right & left brain thinking. Join us for an afternoon of getting in touch with your intuition, and the creating and sharing of wisdom! This gathering is always a memorable experience. Continue reading Mar 24 – Tarot Reading Circle

Tasha Dillon Now on Fridays 1pm-5pm

Tasha Dillon

Tasha Dillon comes from a long line of Celtic healers and seers. She has inherited the gifts of clairvoyance and clarisentience and uses these intuitive abilities in conjunction with healing modalities. Continue reading Tasha Dillon Now on Fridays 1pm-5pm

This Week @ LightWeavers! Mar 5-11

LightWeavers Academy

This week @ Lightweavers! Mar 5-11! Introduction to New Cajun Conjure Products, and Maurice Fernandez: Mars Retrograde 2018 & Reincarnation. Also, drop in readers Mark T. Wexler, Erin, Tasha Dillon, & Tangelia Filipe, and drop-in healers George W. Taylor & Tasha Dillon. Continue reading This Week @ LightWeavers! Mar 5-11

March 16 – Weather Witchery

Weather Witchery

A practicing Witch of more than thirty-five years, best-selling author, Katrina Rasbold, walks you through all aspects of weather magic, including how to use the energy of different weather events to your greatest advantage and how to work with existing conditions to manifest the weather event you desire. Continue reading March 16 – Weather Witchery