WitchyReiki SpellWork: House Clearing and Blessing

WitchyReiki SpellWork: House Clearing and BlessingWitchyReikiIn-Home house clearing and blessing. Moving into a new home, get it ready with some GOOD Energy! Also, useful if you had guests/lovers/spouses overstay their welcome!

I bring drums, bowls, incense, candles, everything you might need to push out the OLD, so you can make it YOUR home!
This is NOT an Entity removal…but the vagrant Ghosties will not want to stick around, either!

Pricing depends upon proximity to LightWeavers, and how large the house is. Basic price starts at $150 for a 1-hour Clearing and Blessing.
First 5 miles included in price, each additional mile will be billed at $2 per mile.
For longer sessions, each 1/2 hour will be billed at $75.

This appointment must be pre-planned with Susan, either over the phone (530 701 5118) or in-person, to ensure you are getting exactly the session you need.  All sessions will be pre-paid, extra time and mileage will be determined in pre-planning.  When you schedule your appointment, there is a non-refundable deposit of $150 towards the full cost of the house clearing and blessing.


Susan Langley

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Susan Langley, Founder & Owner of LightWeavers & WitchyReiki

A Sensitive from birth, born into a family of Clairvoyants and Witches, I just ‘knew” that I was different from the other kids. I got beat up for it.

Today, I call myself a Healer, Teacher, and Witch.

In 2014, I was one of the first 600 people to be trained by William Rand in the new Reiki energy called HolyFire.

Today, I call myself WitchyReiki, Usui/ Holy Fire II, and Karuna Reiki® Teacher.

My work is with the Ascended Reiki Masters, Spirit Guides, and the Akashic Guardians. They showed me the Truth: Present, Past and Future exists all at the same ‘time.’  Let me introduce you to these Beings, and to the Akashic Landscape; bathe in the Holy Well, walk across the Time Bridge, and learn to use the healing powers of HolyFire, Karuna, and Witchcraft.

Welcome to WitchyReiki @ LightWeavers

CAMTC #33784
Phone # 530 701 5118

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