WitchyReiki Spellwork Appointments

Susan Langley is now offering a series of WitchyReiki Spellwork appointments, combining her connection as a Holy Fire II Reiki Master Teacher and her skills as a lifelong witch to bring you uniquely healing experiences.  WitchyReiki will soon also be available as classes so you can learn the WitchyReiki methods for yourself.  Each appointment type is one hour long, and costs $115.


WitchyReiki Spellwork: Letting Go of Losers

Do you have ex-lovers or other ‘takers’ draining your psychic and energy bodies? Thought so. Let’s armor-up against psychic attacks, narcissists and manipulators. I actively listen to your story, and together we plan appropriate spellwork. This may include saging, drumming, crystal and Tibetan bowl work, guided Reiki meditation, candle magick & placement of amulets or crystals. Further Magickal workings available. More than one working may be needed.


WitchyReiki Spellwork: Reunion and Closure

Are you longing for a loved one who has passed over the TimeBridge? Mother, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, children…anyone with whom you have a heart connection. Spend time with them again during this Holy Fire Reiki Guided Meditation.Say what needs to be said. Get the closure you need! But remember, the door is never locked, just pulled-to.


WitchyReiki Spellwork: Meeting the Unborn

Would you like to connect with your unborn Child? This Holy Fire Reiki Reiki Guided Meditation lets you meet and spend time with the Spirit who will become your child. Are you ready? They are.


WitchyReiki SpellWork: Connecting with the Gods

So many Gods and Goddesses…How can you figure out which ones are for you? One way is to let the Gods choose you…through this Holy Fire Reiki Guided Meditation.


WitchyReiki SpellWork: Finding Love

Confused about Twin Flames? Unlike Soul Mates, Twin Flames are our perfect mirrors. And, as such, can be on-again-off-again, intensely passionate, and sometimes intensely painful. Want to connect with your True Love? Lets start with finding your Soul Family.