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Susan Langley

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Owner of LightWeavers Academy and WitchyReiki.

I am a Holy Fire Reiki II Master Teacher. I was one of the first 600 people Ignited by Holy Fire by William Rand in 2014. It has revolutionized my life! I am awake, alive and love to teach and use this amazing healing modality.

As a California Certified Massage Therapist, I am allowed to use touch in my Reiki sessions. I also use Reiki in all of my massage sessions. Holy Fire, once Ignited, never turns off. Installed first in the Spiritual Dantien and the Crown Chakra, Holy Fire always burns bright, ready to heal whenever it is needed.

I work with the Ascended Reiki Masters, my Spiritual Guides, and the Guardians. (hint: they carry staves and shields!) My Grandmothers, Agnes, Sophie and Edna, though thye have passed, are always with me. I believe we exist in the Present, Past and Future all at the same ‘time’. The concept of Time is a man-made construct, and serves to order chaos. I say, we can be Masters of Time, with the power of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Every person is unique, and every healing should reflect that reality. ALL Paths are meaningful and valid, no matter what Religion or Spirit moves you, even if it is just the Spirit of Mankind. All are honored here.

CAMTC #33784

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CCMP-conditionalInternation Center for Reiki Training Member


Julia Rain

Julia Rain

Julia Rain is a Reiki Master, empath and Starseed. She has undergone a deep spiritual awakening and wants to share the joy of her path. Julia Rain is a Starseed, which means that her soul did not originate on Earth, and that she considers herself native to and aligned with a different planet/realm. She considers herself a member of the Pleiadian culture. The Pleaidians are one of many extraterrestrial/interdimensional races who have assisted mankind since the beginning, including in Atlantis and Lemuria.

Julia Rain understands that this issue can be a bit controversial or shocking to some people, and emphasizes that what is really important is moving planet earth and her inhabitants towards Ascension into the fifth dimension, whether you wish to believe we are assisted in this endeavor by inter-dimensional and interplanetary beings, or not.

Julia Rain teaches the Starseed Meetup class, where she shares Starseed wisdom (the teachings of our celestial family) and discusses such topics as ascension, self-love, raising your vibration and embracing identities beyond the ego. She invites you to join the class, ask questions, and share your own wisdom.


Janet Michalk

Janet has been a Certified Hypnotherapist since 2007. Janet’s goal with every client is to help them heal body, mind, and soul. Janet offers a unique blend of hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy, intuitive readings, and reiki.

Janet specializes in helping clients release negative energy blocks from past lives that prevent them from moving forward in their life and finding the happiness and success they desire. Each session is unique, depending on the client’s needs and the Universal wisdom given to Janet by spirit. Janet provides guidance but the client is ultimately responsible for their own healing.

As a teacher, Janet focuses on Akashic Records and Past Life Regression.

My web site: The Evolving Spirit
Phone: 530-591-7530