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Susan Langley

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Owner of LightWeavers Academy and WitchyReiki.

I am a Holy Fire Reiki II Master Teacher. I was one of the first 600 people Ignited by Holy Fire by William Rand in 2014. It has revolutionized my life! I am awake, alive and love to teach and use this amazing healing modality.

As a California Certified Massage Therapist, I am allowed to use touch in my Reiki sessions. I also use Reiki in all of my massage sessions. Holy Fire, once Ignited, never turns off. Installed first in the Spiritual Dantien and the Crown Chakra, Holy Fire always burns bright, ready to heal whenever it is needed.

I work with the Ascended Reiki Masters, my Spiritual Guides, and the Guardians. (hint: they carry staves and shields!) My Grandmothers, Agnes, Sophie and Edna, though thye have passed, are always with me. I believe we exist in the Present, Past and Future all at the same ‘time’. The concept of Time is a man-made construct, and serves to order chaos. I say, we can be Masters of Time, with the power of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

Every person is unique, and every healing should reflect that reality. ALL Paths are meaningful and valid, no matter what Religion or Spirit moves you, even if it is just the Spirit of Mankind. All are honored here.

CAMTC #33784

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My Memberships

CCMP-conditionalInternation Center for Reiki Training Member


Caitlin Lang Soul

caitlynCAMTC Certified #65387, Certified Massage Therapist
Graduated from National Holistic Institute in 2011.

My Philosophy is Nurturing
This is my most important modality. When my clients come to receive healing the first step in my process is to hold that person in love and acceptance.

I offer Soft tissue manipulation in a quiet meditative place designed to create a holistic healing experience. releasing your spirit from woriies and concerns, and  bring your body back to your awareness.

For added relaxation and health enhancement,  I offer the use of Essential Oils in my sessions, both in my massage oil and with the use of an aromatic diffuser.

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Jeff Pylman

Jeff Pylman
Hi, my name is Jeff Pylman.

I am trained in Bowen Therapy which I have performed on friends and family for more than 10 years. I am also trained in Swedish massage and Deep Tissue massage.
Formerly, I was Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer of Weights and Measures for Nevada County. When I retired, I decided to make my massage style available for the benefit of others.

During a typical massage session, I provide a mix of Bowen therapy , Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage and Trigger Point therapy. I found that I am a natural at massage and have received praise from my clients.

It is rewarding for me to see how my therapies help relax people by relieving tension and aches in their muscles . I am available by appointment at Lightweavers Academy. Please call or click for an appointment.

I look forward to helping you feel your best.

Certified Massage Practitioner
from the California Massage Therapy Council
Certificate Number 65675

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Jacylyn "JC" BenjaminJacylyn “JC” Benjamin

She attended school for Massage and Bodywork in Anchorage, Alaska at The Alaska Learning Institute and graduated May 2008. Since then her skills have evolved to; Intuitive massage, spiritual advising and Energy/Reiki work. She is mainly skilled in Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy but she has much experience in many range of modalities.

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