This Week @ LightWeavers: Oct 30 – Nov 5

This week @ Lightweavers: LightWeavers Magical Metaphysical Fair, Full Moon Ritual, and Chakras 101 class!  Also, drop in readers Janet Michalk, Mark T. Wexler, and Ethan Glass, and Reiki healer George W. Taylor.


Magical Metaphysical Divination & Healing Fair 2017

LightWeavers Magickal Metaphysical Divination & Healing Fair

November 4-5 @ 11:00 am – 7:00 pm

Healers, Psychics, Vendors, Artists, and Speakers!

Integrity Healing with Scott & Melissa Pfalzgraf
Palm Readings by Mark Wexler
Sophia Maxine Arcturian Healing
Loomis Healing with Amber Dowty
Sandra K, Medium & Psychic
Chakra Readings with Ethan Glass
Merly Shwetzer United Wellness Centers
Psychic Readings by Sharon Sampsel
Dana Fraire, Psychic
Daisy Chen Animal Psychic
Lucia Light Meditation
Sebastian Cooley, Psychic
Amanda Saint-Louis Readings & Healing
Gregory Cain Music
Joseph Carter Acupressure
Janet Michalk Evolving Spirit
Johnny Michalk Rune Readings
George Taylor Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher
Susan Langley Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher
Liquid Crystal Oracle by Julia Rain
Sue Cukrov Crystal Visions
Solaris Rising Crystals & Sound Healing
Kenna Toney, Holistic Alchemist
Travis Turner, Psychic
J&J Cosmic Creations
Gale Pylman Angels & Alchemy
Hexaba Theaux Cajun Conjure HooDoo Products
KitchenWitch Gourmet
Eclectic Lady Art by Autra Oliver
Ravens Blue Magic Sprays
Elizabeth Brown Gemstones
Wicked Gypsy Designs by Pamela Jorgensen
LunaGirl Designs by Stephanie
Sandy’s Aura Photos
Denicha Love, Crafts & Gifts
Aries Alchemy & Artifacts

Speakers and Workshops

Susan Marie Langley with a Holy Fire Reiki Guided Meditation

The Evolving Spirit with Janet Michalk

Myrian Galler, Messages in the Higher Realm

Seidr-Vitki Mediation with Liam Meader Celtic Man

Maya Grey, Introduction to Hoodoo

Joseph Carter, Curating Healing Products

And More!

This is all happening at LightWeavers Academy
8421 Auburn Blvd, Ste 150 Citrus Heights, CA 95610

You can also stay up to date on additional participants and other information via the
LightWeavers Magickal Metaphysical Divination and Healing Fair Facebook Page



LightWeavers Full Moon Ritual

LightWeavers Full Moon Ritual

November 4 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

This Full Moon we will celebrate after the day’s festivities of LightWeavers Magickal Metaphysical Fair.

Since the Veil is very thin, we will be honoring our Ancestors in the Ritual. Everyone, regardless of religion, Pagan or not, is invited to attend.

Join together to celebrate the Full Moon. Full Moon energies present a wonderful opportunity to release old patterns and say goodbye to things and attitudes that no longer serve your highest purpose. Together we will amplify our intentions, aided by the elements and our guides. We do not follow a specific tradition and welcome all. Led by Johnny Michalk and Susan Langley.

This event is FREE, but donations of $1-5 is appreciated.



Chakras 101

October 30 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

You’ve heard about Chakras, but do you really know what they do, and how you affect them?

Join Ethan Glass, Reiki Master, Meditative Chakra Therapist and Chakra Specialist, for an evening about the seven main Chakras of the body.

In this class you will learn:
• The main colors of the Chakras
• The body parts and organs each Chakra governs
• Emotions of each Chakra
• Positive and Negative Archetypes
• And positive affirmations for each Chakra

**Bring a notebook and pen or pencil to take notes**


Drop in Readers and Healers

Our Drop In Readers and Healers

Chakra Energy Reading with Ethan Glass

Available Monday from 2pm-5pm, drop in or by appointment!

Receive an intuitive energy reading of your 7 chakras and aura. You will know how balanced each chakra is, know if you are experiencing positive traits, and what activities you can do at home to help maintain balance.  30 minute sessions are available by appointment or drop-in.… READ MORE or Book Your Appointment


George W. Taylor – Holy Fire II Reiki Master

Available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm-7pm, drop in or by appointment!

Drop in Reiki is $2 a minute, so you may receive Reiki for as little, or as long as you need, be that a 15 minute refresh for $30, or a full hour for $120.  George can also give you your Reiki treatment under our beautiful Reiki pyramid, for a unique energy healing experience!  Advance booking is available for 30 minute and one hour appointments… READ MORE or Book Your Appointment


Intuitive Readings with Janet Michalk

Tuesday, September 5 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Janet provides an intuitive reading to facilitate healing by connecting with source. She then works with both your guides and her guides as well as your loved ones that have passed on. Her readings help give you clarity on what you need to work on for your spiritual evolution… READ MORE or Book Your Appointment


Mark T. Wexler – Palmist and Tarot Card Consultant

Wednesday, September 6 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Mark incorporates many other metaphysical studies with the reading of the hand:
*Astrology, Handwriting, I-Ching, and Numerology are all part of Palmistry.
*Mark is a graduate from the Palmistry Academy of Ancient Wisdom (Oakland, CA).
*Mark regularly reads at many psychic fairs and Expos throughout northern California as well as private and group readings.
*A “complete” reading session is two hours in length. This includes an ink printing of both palms, notes, audio tape recording and Tarot Card reading…. READ MORE or Book Your Appointment