This Week @ LightWeavers Oct 2-8

This week @ Lightweavers: Full Moon Ritual, Working with Dressed Candles, LightWeavers Tea and Tarot Extravaganza, and Multi-Dimensional Tarot Workshop!  Also, drop in readers Janet Michalk and Mark T. Wexler, and reiki healer George W. Taylor.


LightWeavers Full Moon Ritual

LightWeavers October Full Moon Ritual

October 5 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm –  FREE

Join together to celebrate the October Full Moon. Full Moon energies present a wonderful opportunity to release old patterns and say goodbye to things and attitudes that no longer serve your highest purpose. Together we will amplify our intentions, aided by the elements and our guides. We do not follow a specific tradition and welcome all. Led by Johnny Michalk and Susan Langley.

This event is FREE, but donations of $1-5 is appreciated.


Cajun Conjure: Working with Dressed Candles

October 6 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm – FREE

What is a Dressed Candle and How to Work with Them?

What are dressed candles? Are they different from anointed candles? How are they different to loaded candles? Come learn from Hexeba Theaux what the difference is between loaded, anointed and dressed candles. The class will discuss the uses for the various types of candles, why you might choose one type over another, and how to use them in your candle magick.

Check out Cajun Conjure online:


LightWeavers Tea and Tarot

LightWeavers Tea and Tarot Extravaganza!

October 7 @ 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm

LightWeavers is hosting a NEW Tea and Tarot Divination Event! We have the BEST Tarot/Oracle readers, Astrologers and Psychics in Northern CA!  Come get readings from a variety of readers and psychics each with their own specialties while enjoying our complimentary teas and cookies. This event is leading up to our LightWeavers Magickal Metaphysical Divination & Healing Fair the weekend of November 4th-5th, and you’ll find many of the same readers, healers, and psychics at this Tea and Tarot event.

Intuitive Readings with Janet Michalk
Holy Fire Pyramid Reiki with George Taylor
Chakra Readings with Ethan Glass
-Gothic Tarot and Halloween Oracle with Eileen, Madam Know-It All
Tea-Leaf Readings with Hexaba Theaux
Palmistry and Tarot with Mark T Wexler
Readings with Sharon Sampsel
-Tarot and Fairy Oracle with Lavern Harvey
-Oracle Card Readings with Karen Reimer
-Numerology with Damona Kat
-Rune Readings with Johnny Michalk
Henna Hand Art with Sidney Eileen!!

There is no fee to attend the event. Each of the individual readers, psychics, healers, and artists charge for their services.


Multi-Dimentional Tarot Workshop

Multi-Dimensional Tarot Workshop Series with Mark Wexler

October 8 @ 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm – $30

The lines in the palm and shape of the hand and fingers are physically manifested by who the person is—how they think, sense, act, respond and feel. As a person develops/changes, the lines WILL ALSO CHANGE gradually’ to record’ those changes. However, the fingertip prints (and prints on the palm of the hand) will never change this lifetime—they record your purpose and lesson for this lifetime, as well as your past-life accomplishments.

But because the lines in the palm may take many years/decades to physically change after the person makes changes in their life, it becomes helpful to reference a Tarot card reading which will respond to the much lighter energy of the new changes in the individuals life—before the palm lines physically fill-in or new lines are formed.

I must admit that I still remain today without a logical explanation as to exactly HOW and WHY a Tarot card reading accurately works. Logically it is a mystery to me. (Intuitively, I suppose it makes sense the Reader can ‘clear the deck energy’ and then mentally focus on the querent’s energy/or have the querent physically shuffle the deck to impart their energy to the card sorting before reading the cards). The cards are always correct. The READER may not correctly interpret the card reading—but the CARDS in the reading are always correct!

This class will explain how Astrology overlays your hand—the wheel of 12 Zodiac signs onto the 12 segments of your four cylindrical fingers; and the planets’ positions in the rest of your hand. Then, show where the Tarot cards will logically position onto three separate, but integral, levels—which can add depth and richness to the querent’s reading.

This is the most original method of reading I have found. First, this is how the circle/wheel of astrological signs transfers onto the four fingers: (This is also why any author showing any other arrangement of astrological signs on the fingers is incorrect.)

This is the result showing the Astrology of the Hand.

The Tarot deck is then divided into three levels: The Major Arcana, The Court Cards; and the Minor Arcana – with each card on their appropriate astrology sign. [For example: In Aries, a fire sign (the tip of the Jupiter (Index) Finger—The Emperor, The King of Wands, and the 2,3 and 4-of-Wands.] When giving reading, if any one of these five cards appears– the information/meaning from all five cards may be referenced.

At the end of the class, Mark will ask for a volunteer and, using information from the workshop will offer one Tarot or palm reading.

Mark will be available after 4 PM for private readings. He charges $45 for a 15 minute, $90 for 1/2 hour, and $180 for one hour readings.

Reserve your space in this class online…



Drop in Readers and Healers

Our Drop In Readers and Healers

George W. Taylor – Holy Fire II Reiki Master

Available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm-7pm, drop in or by appointment!

Drop in Reiki is $2 a minute, so you may receive Reiki for as little, or as long as you need, be that a 15 minute refresh for $30, or a full hour for $120.  George can also give you your Reiki treatment under our beautiful Reiki pyramid, for a unique energy healing experience!  Advance booking is available for 30 minute and one hour appointments… READ MORE or Book Your Appointment


Intuitive Readings with Janet Michalk

Tuesday, September 5 @ 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Janet provides an intuitive reading to facilitate healing by connecting with source. She then works with both your guides and her guides as well as your loved ones that have passed on. Her readings help give you clarity on what you need to work on for your spiritual evolution… READ MORE or Book Your Appointment


Mark T. Wexler – Palmist and Tarot Card Consultant

Wednesday, September 6 @ 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Mark incorporates many other metaphysical studies with the reading of the hand:
*Astrology, Handwriting, I-Ching, and Numerology are all part of Palmistry.
*Mark is a graduate from the Palmistry Academy of Ancient Wisdom (Oakland, CA).
*Mark regularly reads at many psychic fairs and Expos throughout northern California as well as private and group readings.
*A “complete” reading session is two hours in length. This includes an ink printing of both palms, notes, audio tape recording and Tarot Card reading…. READ MORE or Book Your Appointment