Vitki Magik Bind Rune Series-Class #1

Vitki Magik Bind Rune Series-Class #1January 21 @ 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Nine Realms Magik Worx present a 4 part series introduction on Vitki Bind Rune Magik.

Rune Knowledge & Understanding the Oracle of the Rune

Runes are the Oracle of the gods in Norse traditions.  They are used by the Seidr (spiritual guides and leaders) to communicate with the gods, and the way a tarot card reader uses a tarot deck, are used to receive insight into current, past, or future situations!  Bind runes are a way to combine the meanings of the individual runes with one another to create spells and enchantments to help with things such as wellness, wealth, luck in battle, protection, protection against dark magic, and communicating with the gods.  Completed bind runes are often used for amulets, paintings, and even tattoos.

Class #1 will be on basic Rune knowledge & understanding the Oracle of the Rune.
Class #2 will be about herbs used with Bind Rune Spells
Class #3 will be about stones used with Bind Rune Spells
Class #4 will be putting it all together & setting our intent!

Each class is $35 a person per class; you will receive your first bind rune , a stone that goes with the rune amulet and hands on spell work. You can attend one or all the classes. Payment at the door!

Classes happen once a month.  Upcoming dates to be announced.


Liam Celticman Meader

Liam Celticman Meader

Liam has been a practicing Norse Seidr (a spiritual leader somewhat similar to a shaman) for more than three years.  He specializes in communication with the gods through Seidr trance work and bind rune spells, rune siddials, and custom spell work to fit the needs of every situation! He also practices Reiki and Norse energy points, releasing blocked energy throughout the body and soul.