Usui/Holy Fire Reiki II ART and Master Teacher Classes

WitchyReikiUsui/Holy Fire II Reiki is a newly evolved form of Usui Reiki introduced by the International Center for Reiki Training in August 2014. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. Holy Fire energy is noticeably more refined and comes from a higher level of consciousness. In 2016 Holy Fire evolved yet again, and I the most current classes from the ICRT, Holy Fire II.

Past Masters who have taken this class with Susan are always invited back with no re-sitting fee.

Who is qualified?
Anyone with 6 months of Reiki II or higher experience from any Usui Reiki lineage, and is proficient in the use of the Level II symbols. It does not matter if you have not yet had Holy Fire Reiki, you can take this class, beginning with the Advanced level.

This course can include Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Training, depending on the structure of your particular dates chosen.

You will be able to initiate students into all levels of Reiki including full Reiki master. The class is taught as the Usui/Holy Fire II style of Reiki , as well as a addition of Susan’s personal practice, which includes Magickal tools, grounding and creating Sacred Space. The Usui and Holy Fire II master symbols are taught.

We will experience the Ocean of Holy Love, which Susan personally channeled during the August 2014 Karuna Holy Fire class, Holy Love meditation experience, Holy Fire Healing Experience, Healing in the River of Life, and some meditations special to Susan.

We will learn about the Reiki Grid, and how to become part of the Grid using crystals and Orgonic EMF. We will use sound healing techniques using crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums and toning.

These classes are intensively thorough. We promise lecture, discussion, demonstration and adequate practice time. All Placements (same as attunements, see below) and Ignitions are explained, demonstrated so that each student becomes confident in their use.

This is an excellent class for those wanting to be Reiki masters as well as those Reiki masters who want to deepen their understanding of Reiki and increase the effectiveness of their Reiki energies. It is also an excellent class for those interested in self-healing and spiritual development.

This class is a deeply healing experience, and is unlike any other Reiki class you have ever experienced

Advanced Reiki Training ( 1 Day)
*The Healing in the River of Life Experience.
*The Usui Master symbol which increases the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols and can be used for healing.
*The Usui/Holy Fire II Master Placement which increases the strength of your Reiki energy and empowers the Usui Master symbol.
*Practice using the Usui master symbol for treatments.
*The Pre-Ignition ( needed if you have previously been attuned to regular Usui at the Advanced or Master Level)
*How to make a Reiki grid that will continue to send Reiki to yourself and others after it is charged.

Master Teacher Level Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki ( 2 days)
*The Ocean of Holy Love Experience.
*The Holy Fire symbol is given for a total of five symbols for the entire system.
*Both Usui/Holy Fire II Master ignitions and the Healing Fire Ignition are received.
*Hands-on practice using the Holy Fire Symbol for treatments.
*Instruction on how to give Reiki Placements for Reiki I&II, ART and the pre-ignition, the Healing in the River of Life Experience, both ignitions for Reiki Master and the Healing Fire ignition.
*The Holy Fire Healing Experience that can be given to anyone and directs the powerful Holy Fire energies to heal.
*How to give yourself Experiences, Placements and Ignitions.
*The values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master.
*How to teach including going over the class outline as well as how to develop and promote your Reiki business.
*186 page class manual.

Instruction is given on the Usui/Holy Fire II system of Experiences, Placements and Ignitions. Students will also take part in and be shown now to teach the Healing in the River of Life Experience, The Ocean of Holy Love Experience, The Holy Fire Healing Experience and the Healing Fire Ignition. This class is a powerful healing experience. While the content of the class will allow anyone to pass the ability to do Reiki on to others and to teach if one chooses, many take the class for their own use or to use with family and friends.

Usui/Holy Fire II REIKI ART $275.00 with a $100.00 deposit
Usui/Holy Fire II REIKI MASTER 3 DAY Training (Including ART) is $825 with a $200 deposit

After you complete the 3 day course you will be able to register yourself with the International Center for Reiki Training as an Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master.


Susan Langley

Susan Langley

Susan Langley, Founder of LightWeavers & WitchyReiki

A Sensitive from birth, born into a family of Clairvoyants and Witches, I just ‘knew” that I was different from the other kids. So be it. I have been many things in my life, but I have always been a Healer and a Teacher.

I am an Usui/ Holy Fire II and Karuna Reiki® Teacher. I was one of the first 600 people in the World to be attuned to the new Reiki energy called Holy Fire. I trained directly with William Lee Rand, President and Founder of the International Center for Reiki Training, and my Sensei Kathleen Johnson. I work with the Ascended Reiki Masters, my Spiritual Guides, and the Guardians. (hint: they carry staves and shields!) My Grandmothers, Agnes, Sophie and Edna, though they have passed, are always with me. I believe we exist in the Present, Past and Future all at the same ‘time.’ The concept of Time is a man-made construct, and serves to order chaos. I say, we can be Masters of Time, with the power of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

As a California Certified Massage Therapist, I am allowed to use touch in my Reiki sessions. I use Reiki in my massage sessions. Holy Fire, once Ignited, never turns off. Installed first in the Spiritual Dantien and the Crown Chakra, Holy Fire always burns bright, ready to heal whenever it is needed.

Susan’s Healing Modalities include: Hands-on Reiki, Holy Fire Guided Meditation, and Applied WitchyReiki, a blend of witchcraft and Reiki, always used for the Greater Good, and personal healing. I also offer light Massage and Spa Therapies using both Massage and Reiki.

CAMTC #33784
Phone # 530 701 5118