New! Spa @ LightWeavers!

Spa @ LightWeaversAnnouncing Spa treatments, now at LightWeavers!  Pamper yourself!

Starting with a brand new Cloud-9 Facial Treatment!

1-hour $145.00

Enjoy deep pore cleanse using herbal Steam Tea by Elizabeth Brown, then gentle honey-based exfoliation using Trish Pettit’s Skin Addiction’s Wash.

Next you will be treated to an extended face, neck and shoulder massage that will ease tension and fatigue as well as relax your mind, body and spirit!

Then, an “herbomineral” ayurvedic-face mask is next.

Next, hands are massaged with oils, feet are scrubbed with Suzanne Contreras’ Mermaid’s Salt Scrub, massaged and wrapped in warm towels.

Finally, we apply Skin Addiction’s Joy moisturizer, followed by a spritz of either Frankincense or Lavender Hydrosol by Floracopeia.


Susan Langley

Susan LangleyCheck our calendar for upcoming Classes and special events!

Susan Langley, Founder of LightWeavers & WitchyReiki

A Sensitive from birth, born into a family of Clairvoyants and Witches, I just ‘knew” that I was different from the other kids. So be it. I have been many things in my life, but I have always been a Healer and a Teacher.

I am an Usui/ Holy Fire II and Karuna Reiki® Teacher. I was one of the first 600 people in the World to be attuned to the new Reiki energy called Holy Fire. I trained directly with William Lee Rand, President and Founder of the International Center for Reiki Training, and my Sensei Kathleen Johnson. I work with the Ascended Reiki Masters, my Spiritual Guides, and the Guardians. (hint: they carry staves and shields!) My Grandmothers, Agnes, Sophie and Edna, though they have passed, are always with me. I believe we exist in the Present, Past and Future all at the same ‘time.’ The concept of Time is a man-made construct, and serves to order chaos. I say, we can be Masters of Time, with the power of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen.

As a California Certified Massage Therapist, I am allowed to use touch in my Reiki sessions. I use Reiki in my massage sessions. Holy Fire, once Ignited, never turns off. Installed first in the Spiritual Dantien and the Crown Chakra, Holy Fire always burns bright, ready to heal whenever it is needed.

Susan’s Healing Modalities include: Hands-on Reiki, Holy Fire Guided Meditation, and Applied WitchyReiki, a blend of witchcraft and Reiki, always used for the Greater Good, and personal healing. I also offer light Massage and Spa Therapies using both Massage and Reiki.

CAMTC #33784
Phone # 530 701 5118