May 4 – Conjure Curios

conjure curios

May 4 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

In Conjure traditions like HooDoo and Brujería, a wide variety of interesting curios takes a commanding presence on the altars and in the work itself. Come to this class to learn all about the different strange oddities used in Conjure and what they do, including rusted nails, skeleton keys, cat’s eyes, alligator feet, cowries, ladybug seeds, tonka beans, rooster feet, mojo bags, poppets, buckeyes, and a whole host of other fun goodies. This is a FREE class, but please register to make sure you have a seat available for this fascinating class.


Katrina & Eric RasboldKatrina & Eric Rasbold

Katrina & Eric Rasbold work as professional bruja and brujo, as well as HooDoo practitioners. Their background is in Wicca and they are the founders of the CUSP spiritual path. Each holds a Ph.D. in Religion and have been active in the Sacramento Pagan Community for more than twenty years. They are featured speakers at Pantheacon in San Jose, and at PanGaia Festival and Sacramento Pagan Pride. They have more than thirty-five years’ experience in the magical arts, having trained all over the world in various forms of Craft. Katrina’s new book, “Crossroads of Conjure” publishes through Llewelyn Worldwide in early 2018.