Magickal Drumming Series at LightWeavers!!


Magickal drumming workshop series:
Don Schulz of The Different Drum is holding a unique workshop series at LightWeavers! This is not a series for just drummers!! If you are a practitioner, priest/ess, solitary, or whatever, and you’d like to incorporate drumming into your core practice, this is for you. Don will be bringing a brace of drums to each session, and possibly a few other goodies, so drums aren’t required, but always feel free to bring one.

Class Fees: $15 Per Class


August 17th – Magickal Drumming 1:
Introduction to Magickal Drumming
This is exactly as it sounds, an introduction with a whole bunch of Q and A. No drums required as this will be primarily lecture. Topics to be included:
Foundations, Meditation, Celebration and Healing.

September 14th – Magickal drumming 2:
Ceremonial and Ritual Drumming
This is a participation session for drummers and practitioners alike. If you have a drum, bring it! If you don’t, that’s OK!
Topics to be covered, opening/closing sacred space, raising energy, “talking” to the spirits, types of drums to be used in which situations, planning and “winging it”.

October 12th – Magickal Drumming 3:
Pretty much as it sounds. Expect active participation. Drums not required, but would be nice. Practitioners welcome and desired.
Topics covered: Personal meditation, guided, and which drums to use under what circumstances. Working with Practitioners and why will also be covered.

November 15th – Magickal Drumming 4:
Ah, the age old Shamanic practice. Bring your drums, ailments, ideas, and get ready to get your hands dirty as you’ll be working on your classmates.
Topics covered: Rhythm styles, appropriateness, drum choices.