Gregory Cain at Lightweavers! Free Music Event!

Gregory CainNovember 10, 2017

This is a free event!

You may have heard him at the healing fairs, and now he’s coming to Lightweavers! Local musician Gregory Cain invites you to step into a sonic pool of contemplation, peace and relaxation. Using flutes, guitars, voices, percussion and keyboards, Mr. Cain creates musical textures that he describes as a blend of ambient, tribal and new age genres. To date he has completed 10 solo CD’s.
“Creating this music feels like coming home,” he says.

Greg’s recent battle with leukemia has served to sharpen his focus on the healing and therapeutic value of music. “I’ve always had the idea that the experience of art should in some way elevate the human spirit. What I want to do with this music is to bring people to a more aware place through a meditative listening process.”

Please visit to hear some examples of his work.