Chakra Class-Chakras 101 August 5th

LightWeavers Chakra Healing Series


**Prepay by August 4th and only pay $10!

You’ve heard about Chakras, but do you really know what they do, and how you affect them? Join Ethan Glass, Meditative Chakra Therpist and Chakra Specialist, for an afternoon about the seven main Chakras of the body.
In this class you will learn:
• The main colors of the Chakras
• The body parts and organs each Chakra governs
• Emotions of each Chakra
• Positive and Negative Archetypes
• And positive affirmations for each Chakra

**Bring a notebook and pen or pencil to take notes**
Class Fee: $15
Credit/Debit cards accepted.
Come in to LightWeavers Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays to pay up front to Ethan.

Ethan Glass is an energy healer with a unique meditative healing technique that brings balance to your chakras and aura. His healing sessions bring ease to your mind and body while leading you through powerful images corresponding to your chakras.