Canjun Conjure Workshops at LightWeavers!

Check out the upcoming events by Cajun Conjure! Hexeba Theux will provide guests with information about new products, basic magic, and how to use Cajun Conjure products.

New Product Workshop – Aug 10, 7 pm – FREE Class

Come learn about all the new and wonderful products filling the shelves in the Cajun Conjure section of our store. There are new powders, candles, washes, and waters. There will be samples and even some new spells showing how to use these products. Come learn what Hoodoo/Conjure is all about.

Candle Magic Aug 21, 7 pm – FREE Class
Candle Magic has been around for centuries. In fact even if you think you have never done magic…you have done candle magic…remember all those birthday wishes where you put all your intent into your wish and blew out the candles? Come learn the grown up version. Learn what candle color corresponds to your desires. Get the low down on the difference between an anointed candle and a dressed candle (as used in Conjure.) Find out how to use a candle with a honey jar, or how to use a candle in a 7 day spell. You don’t want to miss this “basic level” magic class.


Coffee and Conjure – Saturday, September 9, 1 pm – 3 pm – $10
Come join Hexeba Theaux for Coffee and yummy treats. We will talk about Conjure and Magic and answer all the questions you’ve been dying to ask about Hoodoo. Is Hoodoo the same as Voodoo? Is Hoodoo “black magic?” How do you use a “Doll Baby aka Voodoo Doll?” What kind of spell works to keep those pesky telemarketers at bay? Can I be a “white Witch” and still practice Hoodoo? Is Hoodoo practiced by Christians? How do you use Happy Home Wash? Is Conjure Candle work the same as European Candle Magic? Can’t I learn Hoodoo from reading a book? …..I could go on and on and I am sure you have your own questions. Bring them to Coffee and Conjure and let’s sit a spell and chat.
I’ll bring the coffee…you bring the questions or stories.


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