Starseed Akashic Record Meet Up and Meditation

The Starseed Akashic Record Meetup will be led by Janet Michaulk and Julia Rain. Julia Rain will have everyone pull a Galactic Heritage Card and then she will interpret them. The cards connect with the energies of different star races at different times in their development, and the lessons and karmic patterns that they represent. Then, Janet will lead us all in a Past Life Regression to discover your Point of Origin. Come and see what you can discover about yourself, and your experiences in other lives and realms. Continue reading Starseed Akashic Record Meet Up and Meditation

Who Are The Starseeds and Why Are They Here?

Starseeds are people whose souls either originated or have spent lifetimes on other planets or in other dimensions. There are many different benevolent species of alien who have chosen to incarnate on earth. The Pleiadians, Sirians and Arcturians are just some of the better known ones. These races consider humanity to be part of their galactic family and they are here to help return us to a frequency of love, raise human consciousness, and help guide our ascension to the fifth dimension. Continue reading Who Are The Starseeds and Why Are They Here?

Blue Lady Psychic – Reader Highlight

The Blue Lady Psychic uses Tarot cards, Runes and also Psychometry, which is the art of divination by holding an object important to the person asking the questions. She is available for drop-in readings at LightWeavers Academy every Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm-6pm. Continue reading Blue Lady Psychic – Reader Highlight

Indra Rinzler – Guest Life Reader

I use Vedic Astrology of India to find areas of natal strength and weakness in our personality. I use the Enneagram of Personality to gain definition on the structure of the personality. In seeing the mechanical aspects of our personality story, we can gain freedom from it, in recognizing its automatic nature. The Wheel of Totality shows attitudes to work on. Understanding where we are in the Yugas will enable the client to expand consciousness, as clients adapt to living in a larger, more universal, focus. Sometimes I use Tarot to provide us indicators of the quality of energy occurring at the moment and for insight on our blocks and resistance. The goal is for us both is to use our intuition to read the moment to moment reality. It’s a time of communication and sharing. Continue reading Indra Rinzler – Guest Life Reader

Discover Your Archetypes – Workshop

Rev. Carla leads a workshop based on the work of well-known author and medical intuitive, Caroline Myss. This experiential workshop leads you through identifying your archetypes and discovering where they influence your relationships, career and other aspects of your life. Continue reading Discover Your Archetypes – Workshop

Dana M.Fraire – Guest Reader

An empowerment session will help you understand your current issues and open you up to your intuition. A reading can include awareness into all matters of life. Dana will be able to request insight from your Spirit Guides and deliver messages that will help you focus on areas of your life that need attention. Because of her empathic nature, your reading will be comforting but still address the matters and help resolve the issue. Continue reading Dana M.Fraire – Guest Reader

Massage for Mom Special! By Sarah M

Mothers day and Graduation is coming up! What better way to tell Mom you love her that with a pampering massage. You can also Celebrate your Graduate with a massage. But most Massage Sessions are too Expensive! That’s why I Continue reading Massage for Mom Special! By Sarah M

Laura Tempest Zakroff Workshop & Book Signing!

Workshop & The Witch’s Cauldron Book Signing with Laura Tempest Zakroff! Also Live Music + Dance Performance by Tempest and Nathaniel Johnstone! Continue reading Laura Tempest Zakroff Workshop & Book Signing!

Sharon Sampsel – Guest Psychic

Sharon Sampsel is an award winning psychic and a master of spiritual communication. She has numerous 5 star ratings and an 85% to 95% accuracy rate. Sharon is one of California’s most popular lecturers and television personalities, and travels the rest of the US doing readings and speaking. She is a favorite for private parties. Check out her award winning radio shows “Psychic Talk” and “The Two Psychic Chicks Radio Show” on KUBU 96.5 FM, The Voice of Sacramento!! Continue reading Sharon Sampsel – Guest Psychic

Tulsi Botanicals Mother’s Day Gift Baskets

Through Mother’s Day weekend, Tulsi Botanicals has in stock facial scrub Mother’s Day Gift Baskets.  They are a steal at only $50 each! The Chana Facial Mother’s Day Gift Basket includes: Chana Facial Scrub Rose Water Toner Tulsi Soap Healing Continue reading Tulsi Botanicals Mother’s Day Gift Baskets